The Endeavour Club sits at the heart of the philosophy of The Veterans Trans-Atlantic Partnership. The world is ever changing, and so we, and the military charity sector, must evolve in order to be current and relevant. As a charity we consider ourselves to be leading change and The Endeavour Club will support us in doing so, through thought leadership, influence and commitment to support those men and women who have served both the US and the UK.


Key to the success of The Endeavour Club is our collective ability to exercise influence aimed at delivering positive change to the support ‘Our Veterans’ receive.


The objective of The Endeavour Club proposition is twofold:

  • To provide financial support for VTAP to enable military charities both in the US & UK to empower those who have served in the Armed Forces and their families to regain their independence, thrive and contribute in our communities

  • To provide platforms from which to leverage our networks to provide global macro insights to ‘Members’ of The Endeavour Club.

Value Proposition : The Endeavour Club

The Endeavour Club will be an invitation only club of C-Suite executives and other top leaders in business, investment, politics, and philanthropy. The Endeavour Club will offer new strategic thinking on the issues surrounding Global Conflict and Security particularly with respect to non-military means by which we can safeguard the future of the global competitive landscape.


VTAP will convene a series of events (dinners, receptions) for members to gain insights from VTAP’s own network of top British, American and international experts across the Military, Politics, Security & Intelligence Services and Academia, including Writers, Investigative Journalists, and Expert Analysts.


Each event will be moderated by a high profile ‘Chair’, with the VTAP Board leveraging its network of high profile thinkers to provide tangible ‘value’ to Patrons of The Endeavour Club. From day one the Expert Network enables VTAP, an authoritative and respected roster of international talent whose unique experience and expertise will provide up to date and relevant insights of value to our members.


To discuss Endeavour Club events please contact Andrew Cook via